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page updated: 4/2022

A Deposit is placed at the time of your order and the remaining amount is due in the fall after the beef hanging weight has been received from the processor. The cost of your processing will be added onto your final beef price, to make things simpler.  Your beef can either be delivered to a central point( please see delivery page for details) or picked up from the processor in Fowler.

For 2022, deposits and final payments can be paid by cash, check or credit card. 

Payments can be made, up to the point of beef pick up and are refundable, minus the deposit.


$400.00 /whole beef ordered

$200.00 /half beef ordered

$100.00 /quarter beef ordered


All figures are based on average hanging weights and will vary.  Processing prices are based on Jensen's Jul. 2021 prices and may increase in the future.  Discounts are applied to the ending total in the fall.  Check out the discount page for more details.

This year, we are going to estimate the average hanging weight of the steers at 750 lbs. As always we will end up with some variation and I will ask for your preference (later on the cut sheet) of below average (650- 700#), average (about 750#), above average (770-830#) and above+ (850 +) 

For simplicity, my calculations below are based on the average 750# hanging weight and will vary.  

WHOLE BEEF: $3.75/LB. hanging weight ($3.45/lb. w/discounts)

$3,410.00 beef&processing (w/discounts) on 750# whole * 500 lbs. packaged beef                     

          Approx. $4.55 / hanging lb. w/ beef & processing costs.

HALF BEEF: $3.90/LB. hanging weight ($3.60/lb. w/discounts)

$1,761.25 beef&processing (w/discounts) on 375# half * 250 lbs. packaged beef                           

            Approx. $4.70/ hanging lb. w/ beef & processing costs.

QUARTER BEEF: $3.95/LB. hanging weight ($3.65/lb. w/discounts)

$918.13 beef&processing (w/discounts) on 187.50# Qtr. * 125 lbs. packaged beef 

         Approx. $4.90 /hanging lb. w/ beef & processing costs.




 /hanging LB.

HANGING WEIGHT                                                      


  group average:



(estimated take home weight)                                                                                 

approx. packaged # on 750# average:










BEEF COST - estimated
based on average of 750#

750# average total:                                                                     (w/o  processing  or discounts)




PROCESSING CHARGES                                                    based on hanging weight

 charges for 750# average:

$.97/lb. +$95=


$.97/lb. +$47.50=


$1.12/lb. +$23.75=


DISCOUNTS  available                   

1.early.deposit                                                                                     2. repeat customer          
3. total possible discount/hanging lb.
  discount for 750lb. average:

 - $.20/lb. 

 - $.10/lb.

 - $.30/lb.



 - $.10/lb. 

 - $.30/lb.


 - $.20/lb.

 - $.10/lb.

 - $.30/lb.


TOTAL ESTIMATED COST                                                   beef + processing              
 750# average total :

(both discounts applied)




For packaged weight, we estimate conservatively, at 66.66% of the hanging weight.

PRICE /POUND with discounts:
price/lb. of packaged beef
whole beef:
half beef:
qtr. beef:
PRICE /POUND w/o discounts:
price/lb. of packaged beef
(beef + processing)
whole beef:
half beef:
qtr. beef:


all prices are based on hanging weight;

we think this is the fairest way for the customer;

hanging weight is supplied by the processor, so there is no room for error on our part.

Contact Us:


PO Box 128

Walsenburg, CO 81089


Latest News:

APRIL 5, 2022:
We are ready to accept deposits for 2022 beef.  Please e-mail if interested.

Our deadline for the "early-order discount" is May 31st.

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Deposits and payments can be made by check in the mail, or an online invoice. Final payments can be made by cash, check, online invoice or credit card in person on delivery day.

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