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QUICK ESTIMATION: We figure 66.66% of the hanging weight ends up as packaged beef for your freezer.  So on a 600 lb. hanging weight whole, you would end up with 400 lbs. of beef.

Beef will be packaged in vacuum sealed packages and labeled with the cut and the weight.

Qtrs are really "split halves" and both qtrs. on a half will be equal.  So if you buy a whole beef and share it with 3 others, all 4 qtrs, will be equal.

1.  This example if for 1/4 beef, with a hanging weight of 168.75 lbs.

It was processed with 'boneless steaks' and all short ribs, soups bones and stew meat was kept (not trimmed and ground into more burger)

ground meat= 55 pounds in 1 lb. packages

short ribs = 5 lbs.

stew meat = 4 packages 1- 1 1/3 lbs. ea.

soup bones = 2 packages

roasts= 6 total 3 1/2 - 4 lbs. each

can include: arm, rump, pikes peak, chuck and english rib.

tenderized round steaks = 8 packaged 1/2 round per package weight 1- 1 1/4 lb. ea.

rib steaks= 5 steaks

new york steaks= 7 steaks

sirloin steaks= 3 steaks

tenderized sirloin tip steaks= 3 steaks

you also have option to: suet, dog bones, liver, heart, tongue and ox-tail.


2.  This example is for 1/2 beef with a hanging weight of 301.50 lbs.  

All short ribs, stew meat and soup bones were cut out and ground into burger on this half.

ground meat = 110 lbs. in 1 lb. packages

tenderloin = 1 package 

roasts = 12 packages, approx. 4 lbs. ea.

brisket = 1 package

tenderized round steak = 15 packages

sirloin steaks = 10 packages (1 steak/package)

rib steaks = 5 packages (2 steaks/package)

T-bone steaks = 6 packages (2 steaks/package)


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Over the years....

To keep track of our estimated package weight, we and our friends and many customers have weighed out a few (wholes/halves/qtrs.) of beef each year.  Our beef packaged weight has tallied very evenly over the years at 67-68% of our hanging weight.  

We estimate it at 66.66%

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