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Quotes This is the fifth year I have ordered a beef from Ty and Kassi and after trying all the different cuts I can again say excellent job! Great tasting beef that is so much healthier for you than grocery store feedlot beef. Do your family a favor and buy the good stuff for them - it is delicious, healthy and economical! Quotes
Cathy Edens
Very satisfied repeat customer!

Quotes We ordered our grassfed beef for the first time this year and are amazed at how wonderful it tastes! We've enjoyed several different cuts now and cannot get over the upgrade in flavor from what we purchased at the supermarket. After all we've read about the health benefits of grassfed beef we are glad we found Edmundson Ranch. They keep good contact with you throughout the ordering process and are great people when you meet them in person. We will definitely be ordering again next year. Thanks! Quotes
K Farr
Now this is Beef!

Quotes I am getting ready to order my third beef from Kassi. We have been very satisfied with every single cut of meat - steaks, roasts, ground beef, brisket, soup bones - you name it. It is very important to me (and my family) to eat in a way that promotes our good health along with knowing the animal had a good life. I will be buying from Ty and Kassi for as long as they stay in the business - and I hope that is a very long time. Thanks Ty and Kassi, I know this is hard work and my family and I appreciate it! Cathy Edens Quotes
Cathy Edens
More than satisfied customer!

Quotes We wanted to serve a quality product at our barbeque after the Stonewall Century Bicycle ride. No more sickly, quarter sized burgers: the Edmundson Beef was delicious and appetizing, and good for us. And it was delivered, all 300+ lbs. Now 400 more Coloradans know what real meat taste like! Quotes
Anne Renaud-Wilkinson
Stonewall Century Ride Organizer

Quotes New -- a place to put comments or thoughts about the beef itself or your general experience buying beef from us. thank you for your time. Quotes
K. Edmundson
Edmundson Ranches

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