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We ranch together with my husband's parents, Beaver and Kathy and my husband's brother Chad and his wife Natalie.  We ranch near Walsenburg, CO on around 80,000 acres and Chad and Natalie are set up on another ranch down by Sugar City, CO of around 16,000 acres.  We have around 1000 cattle split between the two ranches.   It is a wonderful family operation and our kids will make the 5th generation ranchers in our family!

After our four young children were diagnosed with muliple food allergies many years ago, we began our quest for more wholesome meat and produce.  It became a difficult endeavor to find whole foods that were free of additives and preservatives.  We became frequent shoppers at natural food stores and though we were able to find natural meats, we continued to wonder just "what was in that meat?"  Were there preservatives of any sort... I just didn't know for sure.

Although we had, through the years, had our own beef butchered here and there, we did rely on grocery-store meat when we would run out.  We thought, not only did we have beef in our own "backyards", but we had beef that we knew everything about!  We knew where it had been, what it had eaten and whether or not it had received antibiotics.  That knowledge was priceless to us.

 We knew then, that we raised the healthiest option for our own family

and we want to offer you and yours the same healthy beef!

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Beef Reviews

  • "This is the fifth year I have ordered a beef from Ty and Kassi and after trying all the different cuts I can again say excellent job! Great tasting beef that is so much healthi..."
    Cathy Edens
    Very satisfied repeat customer!
  • "We wanted to serve a quality product at our barbeque after the Stonewall Century Bicycle ride. No more sickly, quarter sized burgers: the Edmundson Beef was delicious and appeti..."
    Anne Renaud-Wilkinson
    Stonewall Century Ride Organizer
  • "We ordered our grassfed beef for the first time this year and are amazed at how wonderful it tastes! We've enjoyed several different cuts now and cannot get over the upgrade in..."
    K Farr
    Now this is Beef!

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